[K12OSN] Small, Current Linux build

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Thu Mar 13 18:13:52 UTC 2008

Unless you need OpenOffice.org, that is. 

If you can use KOffice--while using the KDE desktop--then I'd agree with
you.  I'd also stick with Konqueror instead of Firefox.  The reason for
that is the shared-library effect.  I run Kubuntu Dapper Drake on a
PowerBook G3-400MHz with 256MB DRAM, and when I run it in this
configuration, it's surprisingly snappy for such an old machine.  But
when I fire up OpenOffice.org and Firefox...then I start swapping to the
disk.  Not horribly, but it does slow things down some.

An older version of Knoppix won't do it, either, because one of two
things will happen:

1.)  Your box will get cracked due to not having the latest security
2.)  The first "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" will put you at
the latest Debian Sid anyway (remember, Knoppix installed to the HD
actually *is* Debian Sid).

Someone mentioned installing CentOS 3 on these boxes.  I think that's
the best idea if you need thick clients, since CentOS 3 remains a
supported platform.  But I also agree with Nils's suggestion about using
them as thin clients if you can.

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Doug Simpson wrote:
> If they have 265MB RAM, then KNOPPIX works pretty good and I believe the newer KNOPPIX had support for wireless. ..
> It can also be hard drive installed (it runs ****MMMUUUCCCHHH*** better that way.
> Sometimes, though older versions of KNOPPIX works better on older computers because the newer they are, it seems the more resources they need.
> DS
> Doug Simpson
> Technology Specialist
> De Queen Public Schools
> De Queen, AR
> simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
> "Newer isn't always better!"
>>>> "Joshua Hicks" <jhicks at tcstitans.org> 3/13/2008 11:25 AM >>>
> I have about 25 IBM Thinkpad 600E Pentium II's that are currently running
> Windows 2000.  These have served as the primary computer for teachers at my
> school and as a laptop cart for students.  They are just unable to keep up
> with most applications coming out today.  I would like to switch them all
> over to a small Linux distro that will be able to perform web browsing and
> word processing with their limited processor speed.  Support for wireless
> networking with WEP encryption is also needed.  Does anyone have a
> suggestion about a good option?  I have tried a couple of versions of DSL,
> but I need something with a little more GUI capabilities.
> Thanks
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