[K12OSN] State of K12LTSP usefullness in your school

Kemp, Levi lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
Mon May 19 18:16:37 UTC 2008

 I don't think that should offend anyone Robert. I've attempted a few
times lately to get the LTSP setup without being integrated in the
distro and it's certainly not easy. I'm eagerly awaiting the work being
done on the K12LINUX project and Fedora 9 with LTSP5. If it's anything
like the ease of use I got from K12LTSP then it's sure to help many more


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> >
> > There's more to tell, but I'm out of time tonight. Bottom line, 
> > without LTSP, and really K12LTSP, there would be no supportable 
> > student environment at the school. It's being used now by both 
> > teachers and students from many other classes.
> >
> > A huge "Thank you" for the untold hours. You'll likely 
> never know this 
> > side of heaven how many folks your work has impacted.
> >
> Not to little the work others have done, but just to clarify, 
> Eric Harrison is the maintainer of K12LTSP. However he has 
> currently shifted his efforts to help Fedora begin the 
> development of K12LINUX.
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