[K12OSN] State of K12LTSP usefullness in your school

Rob Owens rob.owens at biochemfluidics.com
Mon May 12 11:29:00 UTC 2008

jones yeates wrote:
> The business ed. teacher was a little discouraged, but eventually she 
> liked the idea because it meant more money could go into her lab.  
> That's another issue, that I seem to have problems with.  Where the 
> money goes.  I've been working hard on my own to get the lab set up, and 
> I'm worried that because of the low costs for my lab, it will be harder 
> to ask for money when I really need it.  I've seen it happen with 
> another collegue at a different school.

My experience, which is more with businesses than schools, is that 
people love to see new hardware.  Go buy some new LCD monitors and thin 
clients.  For some reason, saving $2000 while spending $2000 is often 
appreciated more than saving $2000 and not having so spend anything.

I also find that people are much more impressed with real thin client 
hardware (especially if it mounts to the back of an LCD monitor) than 
they are with old PC's used as thin clients.  They can't believe "that 
the computer is so small".  An old PC is just another old PC, and they 
aren't that impressed that you made it run as fast as a new PC.

So I say go spend your budget on a vendor who supports LTSP, such as 
disklessworkstations.com or thesymbiont.com (there are probably 
others--ask around).


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