[K12OSN] OT: Query - Top Five Laptops

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Mon May 19 16:12:37 UTC 2008

Vince Callaway wrote:
> I pretty much setup the OS for people that are switching.  With ubuntu
> the nvidia driver performs very well and desktop effects work better.
I do the setup for switchers as well.  Desktop effects (I assume you
mean Compiz Fusion-type stuff) work very well with Intel video, too.  I
have one running Kubuntu Hardy, and I've got all the Compiz stuff turned
on.  It's great.

> The desktop effects give a wow factor that people like.  It really helps
> to have that to get people, especially young people interested.  With
> ubuntu it is only a matter of clicking a checkbox to enable the driver.

Once again...with *Ubuntu*...and *only* *Ubuntu*.  Not Fedora, not Red
Hat, not CentOS, and definitely not K12LTSP.

You're certainly right about the eye candy.  That's exactly why I always
go Intel video now.  To get that "wow factor," you don't even have to do
that extra Ubuntu click, regardless of distro.  It's automatic, i. e.
during the installation.

> It does not bother me that it is a proprietary driver.  Just the
> opposite.  

It should.  On several levels.

> It means the company has made an investment in supporting
> Linux.  I feel I should encourage the use of their products.

Then please do encourage the use of Intel video.  They're giving true
support, not what nVidia does.  And when the AMD/ATI cards work
seamlessly in X.org (should be by the end of the year now that the
programming docs are public), encourage the use of AMD/ATI, too.

> Another company I encourage the use of is Brother printers.  They
> provide full drivers for the printers and all-in-ones.  

Full *Windows* drivers, maybe.  Brother is notorious for being
anti-Linux, almost as bad as Broadcom.  HP's, on the other hand, work
out of the box with *any* distro.  I set up an HP all-in-one for my Dad
with CentOS 5, and things Just Worked.  No having to hunt around some
vendor's Web site, either; it works "out of the box" with the distro.

*That's* the kind of vendor that I support.  Right on, HP!

> I've installed several of the low end MFC-240c's for use as dedicated
> scanners.  Right now they are on sale at frys for something like $60.
> You are not going to find a scanner with a document feeder that works as
> well any cheaper.  The laser printers with built in network jack are
> also a real bargain.  Great for a low budget classroom

Decent HP all-in-ones are about the same price.  We don't have Fry's out
my way (they're West Coast, right?), but it sounds kinda like our Micro
Center out here.

BTW, no, I'm not an Intel employee, though I sure wish I'd bought their
stock in the 1980's.  :-)  I just know what works "out of the box" with
Linux, and right now, they're it.  Hopefully we'll have other options as
well in the coming months.


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