[K12OSN] Can anyone confirm these work on their K12LTSP systems?

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Nov 13 19:21:59 UTC 2008

John Lucas wrote:
> Huck wrote:
>> http://phet.colorado.edu/simulations/index.php
>> I've tried on mine and have fallen short of the goal (them actually 
>> working)...
>> I'm quite unfamiliar with 'java apps' other than the games I'm 
>> continually blocking on the Windows side of things...
>> Our physics teacher asked it they'd work on the thin clients... I 
>> thought, Sure! Why not? but was proven wrong when I attempted to run 
>> them.
>> Perhaps I'm going about it incorrectly...
>> 1st it tries to open them with 'bluefish'(an editor if I'm not 
>> mistaken)...
>> so I tried running them with /usr/bin/java  that didn't work either.
>> no error...it just opened with bluefish anyway...
>> Any thoughts/advice appreciated!
>> --Huck
> Just tried it on a K12LTSP5-EL (CentOS 5 with LTSP 4.2) server and it 
> works just fine. That server has Firefox 3 and Sun JDK 1.6.04 installed 
> (latest is 1.6.10 I think). You have to make sure that the Java plugin 
> is present (usually by symbolic link) in the Firefox plugins directory.

ahh that may have been what I was missing..will try again today I hope 
and see if I can get it working for the physics class!



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