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Re: [K12OSN] Can anyone confirm these work on their K12LTSP systems?

John Lucas wrote:
Huck wrote:

I've tried on mine and have fallen short of the goal (them actually working)...

I'm quite unfamiliar with 'java apps' other than the games I'm continually blocking on the Windows side of things...

Our physics teacher asked it they'd work on the thin clients... I thought, Sure! Why not? but was proven wrong when I attempted to run them.

Perhaps I'm going about it incorrectly...

1st it tries to open them with 'bluefish'(an editor if I'm not mistaken)...
so I tried running them with /usr/bin/java  that didn't work either.

no error...it just opened with bluefish anyway...

Any thoughts/advice appreciated!


Just tried it on a K12LTSP5-EL (CentOS 5 with LTSP 4.2) server and it works just fine. That server has Firefox 3 and Sun JDK 1.6.04 installed (latest is 1.6.10 I think). You have to make sure that the Java plugin is present (usually by symbolic link) in the Firefox plugins directory.

ahh that may have been what I was missing..will try again today I hope and see if I can get it working for the physics class!



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