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Re: [K12OSN] installing mplayer to play mp4 files

Will Hatch wrote:
I downloaded a youtube video that is in mp4 format and wanted to play it
k12ltsp, but Totem can't play it.  I read that mplayer will, but am having
all kinds of trouble getting it installed.  When I follow directions that
I've found on the internet, I keep getting yum errors.

I find VLC works better that Mplayer. To install VLC on Fedora-based K12LTSP, you can use the FreshRPM repository, for K12LTSP-EL (CentOS-based) you can use the RPMForge repository. VLC doesn't have a plugin (it is a stand-alone player) nor does it run Quicktime, but I don't have much luck with mplayer/mplayerplug-in and Quicktime anyway; works well with some content and not others.

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