[K12OSN] Excellent article/videos about Linux in Education

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu Oct 16 22:05:40 UTC 2008


Thanks for posting this link. I'll send this to our superintendent. It's
always a good way to show people not hep to Linux how people with lots
less $$ to throw around get the best bang for their ( few) bucks. As
I've said before, most people ( most people at our district) look at
like " If its free it cant be very good":(.
Also interesting that has always stuck in my mind is an old gentleman I
know that is a world traveler and does lots of programming doing
electrical mechanical stuff with linux said " The USA/ North America
would be the last to flip to linux because US is so commercialized in
their mindset". I've found I think this gentleman probably hit it on the

Thanks again,

Barry Cisna

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