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[K12OSN] OT - Almost there with smbldap authentication

Hey Folks,

I solved my previous problem (not able to query the LDAP server from the client). I think it was a combination of not having the "URI" configured for my subnet (it was ldap:// in all the LDAP conf files) and not having the proper holes punched in my firewall on the server.

I think I'm still having a firewall issue though. I'm getting an error that says that the "Gnome setting daemon" is timing out and that some settings might not work (after a very loooong login time). When it finally logs in I'm indeed getting my /home folder from the server and authenticating the user off the server. But the login performance and error message are unacceptable. I'm so close.

Can someone please:

A) tell me what ports need to be open (UDP or TCP) for this whole LDAP authentication and NFS home directory exporting business to work? and B) could something else besides the firewall being misconfigured be causing this problem?

I've got ports 389, 2049, 139 and 445 open for TCP and 137 and 138 open for UDP. These are just open for the subnet that the clients are logging in from. There's a few other open ports, but I'm pretty sure they're irrelevant. (80, 22, 25).

Thanks so much for all the help so far (and hopefully a little bit more to get me established with the smbldap configuring).


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