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[K12OSN] Multiple LTSP Servers to Share the Load?

How difficult would it be to set up multiple servers on the same LTSP network using K12LTSP?

I want students to be able to do 3D editing with Blender and would like to be able to share the processing load over two servers.

I also would like one server to handle the entire lab in case the other crashes.  Ideally, the takeover would be automatic.

If the server not containing /home goes down, I imagine half the clients might find themselves logged out, but would be able to log in again.

If the server containing /home goes down, the situation would be more complicated.  In that case, everyone would probably be logged out and a temporary /home mounted until the crashed server could be brought up again.

BTW, as it stands now, I have only one server.  However, I do have two disk drives on the server.  I put /home and /var on one drive and everything else on the other drive.  (I put /var with /home because all the users have a public_html symlink that goes to /var/www/html/students/username.

Any ideas?

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