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Re: [K12OSN] Generic Accounts?

I am setting up Linux thin clients for Atlanta Public School System (RHEL 5 network attached storage servers for home directories when we implement that and CentOS 5 application servers) and we are also using autologin (kiosk mode).  We have also setup print and USB access for them to save there data to a thumb drive or print it out.  We presently aren't saving data on the server, but our next upgrade of the system will allow for individual login accounts. 

To setup up autologin you can make changes to your gdm config file (in our instance, /etc/gdm/custom.conf), to set it up to log in automatically.  We have given the thin client name the same name as the hostname which is all determined by DHCP, so the studfents don't even have to know the hostname they are logged in as, nor do they know the server that they are logged into (we have anywhere from 2-5 application servers at each school). 

If you want more details let me know as this is a district wide initiative, which is centrally managed, so I may be able to you steer clear of other issues that you may run into.

Millard Hill III
Linux Engineer
Atlanta Public Schools
millard hill gmail com

On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 2:57 PM, Jamie Lists <jamielist gmail com> wrote:
We're sprinkling LTSP clients all over a school in my district. I need
to have a generic account for kids to use.
The problem is if i make one account called student for instance. They
all have the same home directory, which is bad.
The only other way i can think of is to make 50 generic accounts and
then tell the kids.. ok on this client you need to login as student38.
Doesn't seem like such a great solution.



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