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[K12OSN] New Openess Group


EDUCAUSE (www.educause.edu), a nonprofit association whose mission is to
advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information
technology, has announced the formation of a new Constituent Group (CG) on
"Openness" (www.educause.edu/groups/openness)

>From critical IT services to educational content, distributed models based
on openness are challenging higher education's traditional approaches. The
Openness Constituent Group focuses on the emergence and adoption of open
technologies, practices, policies, and initiatives, and how they affect the
delivery and support of education. Topics include but are not limited to
free and open source software, open content, open educational resources,
open courseware, open standards, and management practices such as agile
methods, open business and Enterprise 2.0.

CG's offer open, informal "communities of practice," where participants can
find the responsiveness of an engaged group and a network of professionals.
Most groups interact throughout the year via electronic discussions and
meet at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

EDUCAUSE and the Openness CG invites you to join the discussion at

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing you in the
Openness CG,
Patrick Masson
Co-Chair, EDUCAUSE Openness CG

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