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[K12OSN] public_html on the Desktop -- automagically

Could someone out there tell me the easiest way to accomplish the following?

Currently I have a web server that is part of a LTSP network.  It does not serve the world, but allows students on the network to see each others' webpages.  I have two LTSP servers that are sharing the load of the clients.

When students log in to the LTSP network, I would like there to be an icon on their desktop for a public_html folder.  If they click on it, they should go to /var/www/html/students/loginname on the web server.  So, the web server should share the students' directories in such a way that each student can connect to his or her subdirectory.  Of course, students should be able to mount the web server's share regardless of which LTSP server they happen to be using at the time.

The web-server's directory could be mounted either when a student logs on or when a student clicks on the Desktop icon.  Any opinions on the better approach?

Because web pages are generally considered public, it's O.K. if students are allowed to browse around in /var/www/html/students and its subdirectories so long as (1) they cannot browse around in other files or subfolders of /var/www/html and (2) they cannot write, modify, or delete files in any other student's directory.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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