[K12OSN] transparent proxy setup

Scott Steibel scott at steibel.org
Wed Sep 3 21:06:44 UTC 2008

I've got k12ltsp running using centos  (5.0.0EL -64)

All works fine, except, when I try to run dansquardian with squid as a 
transparent proxy.   I used IPtables to redirect request to go thru 
squid to dansguardian then out to the net.

I followed these instructions.  http://www.linux.com/articles/113733

The problem seems to be that iptables is bocking either the dhcp or the 
tftp during the workstation boot up. 

When I stop the iptable service on the server,  the workstations boot 
right up.   But, of course this leave me with no transparent proxying, 
no danguardian.

I googled around a bit, These are my  questions at the moment.

Seems, like I need to set up a separate box to function as the 
transparent proxy server with squid?  Is this true?

If so, how would I point the ltsp server and the  workstatons to this 
separate box.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


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