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Re: [K12OSN] Current "state of the art" in K12LTSP?

Personally I wouldn't consider changing to LTSP 5 unless there's some
specific improvement that you're looking for.  For instance, if you
needed to have all traffic between the clients and server to be
encrypted, then you might want to consider LTSP 5.  If you run into
frequent problems with unsupported thin clients, then you might want to
try LTSP 5.  If you don't have these kind of needs, then I'd stick with
LTSP 4.2 for now, which means CentOS-based K12LTSP 5.2 EL


Mark Lindman wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm replacing a K12ltsp Centos 5.2 system that was used last year by 6 students, with a pair of servers intended to support 30-40 sessions total. (ibm x345 dual 3.6Ghz 4G ram no drives $285 each).  With a bunch of SCSI drives I figure they ought to do it.  I plan to also set up a Fedora Directory server for authentication on another computer.
> I installed Edubuntu on the same 6 user system, but it I'm stumbling around some of the management as it's so different than the older ltsp. I also worry when I read of other folks real-world experience with it.  k12ltsp Centos 5.2 has been very stable, but I'm tempted to leap to a ltsp 5 system.  Would you use Centos 5.2, or do you think of Fedora 9 or openSuSE 11 or ??? with ltsp 5 is ready for "production"?
> One consideration is that it's a small school <200 students, I'm a 'volunteer' with a full-time job, and there is nobody on site most of the time to deal with anything that hangs/locks up, etc.  so it needs to be pretty bullet-proof.  Updates, new software, etc. I can do in my spare time.  I have three days to get them built and delivered.
> Thoughts?
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