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Re: [K12OSN] RAID Question

Joseph Bishay wrote:

I have a follow-up question -- the RAID is made up of 2 refurbished
drives we were able to obtain (cost issues).  I'd like to find a
command / program that I can use to test them / stress them while they
are still in their warranty period (90 days).  I've done some research
and came across a lot of options: Bonnie++, badblocks, fsck, smartctl
-t, etc etc.

I'm not sure what is best to use -- I guess I want something that will
check to see if there are any existing current issues and something to
put the drives under some tests to see if any issues arise.

The other side of that question is: will the drives being in RAID
affect these tests at all? Should I run the tests on the RAID array or
should I dismantle the array, run the tests, then re-enable the array?

I consider hard drives to be about as predictable as light bulbs in terms of guessing when they are going to die. That is, they either work or they don't - and tomorrow it might be different. A simple surface scan (like 'cat /dev/sd? >/dev/null') will tell you if anything is bad today and (after that) 'smartctl -a' will give you the drive's own best guess about tomorrow.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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