[K12OSN] Current lab server recommendations for K12Linux

Mel Wade mel at melwade.com
Sun Aug 30 17:31:44 UTC 2009

Should work.  You may need to purchase an extra nic if it only comes with a
single nic but that's easy.

Mel Wade
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On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 10:21 AM, Daniel Howard <dhhoward at comcast.net>wrote:

> Dell has a special on starter servers, $331 gets you a Dual Core AMD®
> Athlon™ 4450B; 2.3GHz,2X512K Cache, with 4 GB RAM and two 250MB HDDs, read
> only DVD drive. I'm looking for a server for a 1:1 classroom with about 33
> thin clients, this seems like it would do fine, but any thoughts out there?
> Thanks once again to all for helping us make the transition to K12Linux/F10
> from K12LTSP/CentOS. With over 40 schools now in Atlanta running it, most
> with 2:1 ratio of PCs to students, it made a huge difference.
> Best, Daniel
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