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[K12OSN] K12Linux / Fedora 10 Controller Issues

Greetings List-

I'm attempting to install K12Linux on a Supermicro SYS-6025B-3 server that has an integrated Adaptech AIC-9410 controller. When booting the K12Linux live CD, the kernel module is loaded (aic94xx) but it complains about missing firmware. After doing extensive research on the issue, I found the firmware and put it in the proper location and reloaded the kernel module. The controller and drivers were found! However, after installation, the initrd does not contain the firmware needed to initialize the controller/drives. I've read many reports about this firmware being manually added to the initrd but it is still not found or doesn't work.

So, the question.... has anyone gotten this to work? The problem is specific to Fedora Core 10 and possibly a few releases earlier and is rearing it's ugly head on this K12Linux install. It seems a rather innocuous problem but I just haven't found a solution yet. Thoughts?

Tim Nelson
Systems/Network Support
Rockbochs Inc.
(218)727-4332 x105

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