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Re: [K12OSN] New Monitors

On 7/20/09 2:22 PM, j.w. thomas wrote:
I just got a batch of new LCD monitors for my thin clients to replace
the old CRT's. These monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio, but X doesn't
seem to notice that. It continues to display as 1024x768. The monitor
compensates by stretching the display.

I'm running the Centos-based EL5-64. Is there a way to force an
adjustment? I suppose it's also quite possible that my TC's video can't
deal with 16:9, but I don't recall offhand what model they are (vintage
Dell though, I think in the GX series and at least a decade old). I'll
check that as soon as I can if it makes a difference.

Thanks for any help!

You can force a client to load a custom xorg.conf file which specifies the resolutions you need. But before you do that, have you tried changing the resolution through menus in gnome? You might only need to change the screen resolution once for every user with the new monitor.

The option i mentioned is in lts.conf:
XF86CONFIG_FILE - location of the xorg.conf file
X_MODE_0 - this option might also work (try setting it to 1680x1050)

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