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Re: [K12OSN] Preparing K12Linux F11

Jeff Siddall wrote:

My view on this is that the image should contain _all_ commonly used
applications.  With large (8 GB+) USB sticks now available for dirt
cheap there is no strong argument for a crippled K12Linux ISO.

To add to what others have already requested, I'll throw KDE into the
mix.  IMO it's gotten to be the best desktop -- easier to learn, and
more "wow" than Gnome -- both good for doing demos.  It doesn't have to
be the default desktop, just there for anyone who wants to use it.

You asked someone to compile a list.  Here's what people have requested
so far:

VNC (server+client if they are not there already -- I don't remember)

I have to wonder about KDE. If you're talking about KDE 3.5.x, then I'll heartily agree with you. But KDE 4.x still isn't really done baking yet (give it another year, I'd say, and it'll be great). Remember, it's typically the teachers and their administrators that have to approve K12LTSP/K12Linux's introduction into a school. It doesn't do good to have a 3/4-baked desktop environment when you're doing demos for decision makers.


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