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Re: [K12OSN] k12LTSP Documentation


If you take a look at:



you will be linked to a static site: http://k12ltsp.org/install.html
where images are missing and which is related to old Fedora versions.

I agree, there is a lot of information on the wiki but which one to
choose? Most of it seems to be really outdated. Maybe it has been
useful for previous versions, but for now?

I too had the same frustrating experience of not finding what I needed in one place. For myself, I worked up a Centos based server which failed to work in the classroom/lab where I deployed it. I'm now trying a ubuntu based server, and having a lot of difficulties in getting my t/c to boot. I've looked at the fedora ltsp server on a usb stick, couldn't get that to write to a stick - I don't run fedora anywhere here. All of this is to replace our aging ltsp4.2 server on FC6 which will not run an app we need for testing (Oaks secure browser). We have (as most of us here do - I presume) a collection of old technology we use as t/c's that just do not want to work with the newer implementations of ltsp. Kinda sucks to have to get rid of that old junk just to run the shiny new server and IMHO, moves us farther away from the ideals on which ltsp is based.

So, best of luck choosing and let us know how you make out when you do decide.
fn:Bob Mead
org:South Lane School District;Technology Services Center
email;internet:bmead lane k12 or us
title:Network Specialist

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