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Re: [K12OSN] k12LTSP Documentation

Good Evening.

> I too had the same frustrating experience of not finding what I needed in
> one place. For myself, I worked up a Centos based server which failed to
> work in the classroom/lab where I deployed it. I'm now trying a ubuntu based
> server, and having a lot of difficulties in getting my t/c to boot. I've
> looked at the fedora ltsp server on a usb stick, couldn't get that to write
> to a stick - I don't run fedora anywhere here. All of this is to replace our
> aging ltsp4.2 server on FC6 which will not run an app we need for testing
> (Oaks secure browser). We have (as most of us here do - I presume) a
> collection of old technology we use as t/c's that just do not want to work
> with the newer implementations of ltsp. Kinda sucks to have to get rid of
> that old junk just to run the shiny new server and IMHO, moves us farther
> away from the ideals on which ltsp is based.
> So, best of luck choosing and let us know how you make out when you do
> decide.

The question is if it would perhaps make more sense to transfer
l12LTSP into an official 'CentOS project'. Here, the documentation
could be re-organized and some stuff could be re-worked. I am also not
sure if it really make sense to offer install media but a good repo
containing all necessary packages.

Maybe someone who is responsible for the current development could
post a comment, here.

Best Regards

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