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Re: [K12OSN] Installing LTSP 5 over Fedora 10

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I'm going to right a longer follow up post on the history of LTSP, which you may already know, but might make some of the weird lineage things I'm talking about below a little more clear.

On Mar 14, 2009, at 3:42 PM, Michael J. Izak wrote:
I started out with Fedora 6 LTSP version two or three years ago and it worked very well. It had thunderbird and firefox in it. Now the centos version don't have thunderbird. I need thunderbird. I guess nobody thought of maintaining continuity with the software carried from Fedora 6 to the Centos when they were building the Centos version.

So the CentOS 5 version of K12LTSP (aka K12LTSP-EL) wasn't designed as an "upgrade" to FC 6. The problem is that Fedora 6 isn't supported anymore, which is what K12LTSP 6 was based upon. So people who want to use the "old" LTSP 4.2 on a stable platform that still gets security updates need to move to it. K12LTSP-EL is more like its cousin to K12LTSP, because it uses the slower changing, but more stable, CentOS instead of Fedora. The K12LTSP project really only maintains the K12LTSP-EL branch now, because it's the only LTSP 4.2 branch that still gets security updates. AFAIK, all the "next generation" LTSP 5+ stuff on Fedora and the CentOS 6 work is now part of the K12Linux project. The continuity is from version to version of CentOS and Fedora. There isn't anything to stop you from installing Thunderbird on CentOS (or K12LTSP EL, which is CentOS with the LTSP stuff build into the installer) or Fedora.
That's why after reading the LTSP wiki page it seemed all I needed was Fedora 10 install DVD because the LTSP software is already intergrated into the Fedora 10. Now it seems LTSP is not part of F10 because I can't find any LTSP packages when during the pre-install phase of F10. I thought I was hearing for some years LTSP was gonna be part of F8, then F9, and F10? Myth? I can't do a yum install on the live version. I get back errors which I don't understand which I gave up.

I think I see where the confusion is coming from.
You can install LTSP on a vanilla FC9 or FC10 system, but the plain Fedora installer doesn't do that automatically. That's what the installGuide page was for. It was instructions on installing LTSP on a system that already had a recent version of Fedora (9 or 10) on it. If you wanted something more like K12LTSP, which was already setup for you, then you want to use the K12Linux (or the "old" K12LTSP EL, which is LTSP 4.2 and CentOS) K12Linux is a LiveUSB or LiveCD that allows you to demo K12Linux. It also lets you do a permanent install of Fedora; one that already includes the LTSP software pre-configured to run out of the box (much like K12LTSP used to do for Fedora), you only need to follow the network setup stuff to get it running. I'm guessing you were trying to install Thunderbird when you were still running from the LiveCD. You can't install software to an OS that is running from the LiveCD (the CD is read-only). You need to either install FC + LTSP per the instruction page or install K12Linux. If you want to actually install K12Linux, you need to run the installer that is on the desktop. By default you simply boot into the LiveCD which is just a demo. Then you just follow the network setup guide and you are off and running.
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