[K12OSN] Default iptables?

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Mar 21 15:22:48 UTC 2009

Hi Joseph,

>From what I understand you can not get any TC's to boot up correctly
now? First do an 'service iptables stop' , as root. This will stop
iptables altogether. Boot a couple TC's now and make sure your TC's are
at least able to boot up correctly at this point.
 After you make sure they will boot Ok here.next a good thing to do is
install Webmin,on your server and drill to "Network> Linux firewall" in
Webmin. Select the one option of default to reject all, this option
builds a nice firewall for the server that will work nicely with
k12ltsp/k12linux,then start adding ports that needs to come in from the
internet and to clients. This will take a lot of the error prone-ness
out of setting up iptables. Voice of experience talking here :-)
Make sure after this you start the 'iptables-k12ltsp'if this is setup on
the server?. to allow all traffic as trusted to the TC's side of your
You should be golden at this point!

Take Care,

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