SOLVED: [K12OSN] Remote client desktop

Jeff Siddall news at
Thu May 28 03:45:41 UTC 2009

Jeff Siddall wrote:
> Is what I am trying to do impossible with standard tools (ie: VNC)?  If
> I could figure out where the X server/client are running I expect I
> should be able to get x11vnc working.  However, I have not seen any
> documentation about how X works in LTSP5 so this is a black box for me.
> Any tips would be appreciated.
> Jeff

The problems I was having getting x11vnc to work were apparently caused
by a missing/incorrect -display and -auth parameters.  As soon as I set
those correctly x11vnc ran and I could connect remotely.

Since finding the proper values for those two parameters is a bit of a
chore I decided to write a small perl script to do it for me.  I
documented the procedure on the LTSP wiki here:

Hopefully this will help someone.


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