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Re: [K12OSN] New to K12Linux, Question


It might actually be a really cool part of your demo to show them how incredibly easy it is to install mindblowingly full-featured software on your average linux distro. I don't know if you can install software after booting from the live CD though. And you'd have to figure out some stuff to talk about while ~150 megs downloads. But I don't think your average proprietary software guy really gets it - what's out there, freely available, easily installable (one simple command) for linux.

I have my K12Linux 10 Live on a 4GB usb stick that I built with Fedora LiveUSB Creator. It boots fine, but when I try to install openoffice.org-writer from a terminal session, i.e.,

yum install openoffice.org-writer

it finds all the dependencies (24 modules), downloads them and starts installing. However, it hangs at the 21st module, openoffice.org-core, locks the system and trashes the yum databases.

I have not been able to recover yum from this and have had to re-burn the usb stick. I have done this three times with the same results. Has anybody ever had success with installing openoffice on a live usb stick?

I would love to be able to demonstrate how easy it is to download and install openoffice at my demonstration, but it does not appear that I have all the correct pieces.

I have tried the K12Linux 11 Live beta on the usb stick, but it never gets me to the logon prompt. So I can not tell if it would let me install openoffice.

Thanks for all your input and encouragement!

Murrah Boswell


Hello all,

I am new to K12Linux and download the Live CD. I thought OpenOffice was part of the distribution for the Live CD, but all I find is AbiWord. Have I missed something or is OpenOffice part of the full distribution?

Murrah Boswell

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