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Re: [K12OSN] New to K12Linux, Question

For demo purposes, I would skip installing any software during the demo, esp. OOo. The ease of installation is very cool, and one of the real advantages of FOSS. But, speaking from experience, in a demo the audience is usually underwhelmed by seeing it in action. *Tell them* how you can instantly add new software--no requisitions, no quotes, no vendors, no days or weeks of waiting, etc.--by just downloading it, perhaps bringing yumex up, but don't actually bother doing the installation. It's too slow, perhaps unpredictable, and it doesn't really wow people as much as one might think.


Carl Keil wrote:
I wonder if installing all of openoffice vs. just the writer would work. Longer download. You could cheat a bit and intall it, then remove it, then install it again from cache. It would skip the download phase in the demo and you'd be pretty sure it would work. I think adding -c or something specifies not to redownload it.

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