[K12OSN] Setting up VNC remote support

David Hopkins dahopkins429 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 13:08:20 UTC 2009

> btw, put a freenx server on your LTSP servers if you haven't already.
> It's brilliant to come in from a remote location with FreeNX, running
> fl_teachertool and getting a user up and running before they've even
> finished their call to you.
Just want to second the recommendation for installing FreeNX and then
connecting remotely.  I have started using this approach to connect via a
VPN to monitor all the systems. It is quite responsive and there isn't
anything I've found that I can't do.  Coupled with fl_teachertool which is
simple to launch on a remote system via ssh as well, I can monitor/assist
users without issues.  Just be sure to make certain it is secure by
replacing the defaullt ssh keys for instance.

Dave Hopkins
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