[K12OSN] Auto shutdown certain clients

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu Apr 15 00:18:06 UTC 2010


I am not sure how you would ever devise a script to 'best guess' the
correct time to shut down a 'sitting idle' tc? In regards to assigning
an ip per tc,this way you can track what tc's you want to in fact shut
Here is the example shown in the link i posted. Like you said this would
be only good for an daily occuring at xx-time,so may not be of any use
for your needs.

ltspinfo --shutdown -h ltsp040

-run the above as a scheduled cron at hour x / days -1,2,3,etc-

(If you wanted multiple ip's in one scheduled cron simply
"ltsp040,ltsp041,ltsp042") #double quotes with comma separated

This would *not* shut down all clients.


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