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Re: [K12OSN] Auto shutdown certain clients

On 04/15/2010 04:43 PM, Jeff Siddall wrote:
> On 04/14/2010 08:26 PM, Barry Cisna wrote:
>> Jeff,
>> Ask and ye shall receive,,,:-)
>> No reason this shouldn't work with a little elbow grease....
>>  http://autopoweroff.sourceforge.net/
>> Barry
> Interesting.  If I set the idle time very high this might work.
> Now I need to figure out how to run this selectively on certain TCs.
> Not having given up on my original idea, I also tried SUID on
> /sbin/shutdown but still no-go running it from ltsp-localapps :(


Turns out the SUID thing does work -- I just typo'd my script when I
tested it that way.  That being said the man page says not to user SUID
so what I ended up doing is this:

1. Install sudo in the chroot
2. Remove this line from /etc/sudoers since ltsp-localapps launched
things do not have a TTY:

Defaults    requiretty

3. Add this line to /etc/sudoers:

%users  ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: ALL

4. Create a script somewhere accessible on the client (ex:
~/auto-shutdown.sh) which contains something like this:

ltsp-localapps sudo /sbin/shutdown -P +720

5. Create a desktop file in the autostart directory for the desired
user(s) (ex: ~/.config/autostart/auto-shutdown.desktop) which contains
something like this:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=automatically power off thin client

Note:This step works for XFCE.  Not sure if all other desktop
environments also work like this.

6. Reboot, login (or autologin in my case) and wait for shutdown!


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