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Re: [K12OSN] Serious problems with NBD

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Sorry odin, I've been running spinrite on a dead card catalog for the last 50 days, so I wasn't able to test and see if it's a general f12 problem or something specific to you.
I got NBD working just find on my test client/server setup.
Are you using the default 2 nic setup?
And did you build the chroot after doing all the available updates, just security updates? etc.

On Apr 16, 2010, at 1:09 PM, Odin Nøsen wrote:

I have a default installation of F12 with LTSP. I have activated NBD in dhcpd - and then
something goes very wrong.

The ltsp-client doesn't know what address the ltsp-server has, the lts.conf-file from /var/lib/tftboot/ltsp/i386 isn't copied to /etc/lts.conf on the client and localdevs are not mountet (even thou they are registerd in /var/log/messages on the client).

I'll have to build the client with the XSERVER-arg in /opt/ltsp/ i386/etc/lts.conf for the client to work. And every detail for specifial client needs to be written in this
lts.conf too. And then I'll have to rebuild the ltsp-client.

If I use NFS to load/mount the LTSP-client everything works. I think there is some
problem that things aren't allowed to mount things with NBD.

There are -no- errors logged in /var/log/messages on the client or on the server with
either NBD or NFS.

I really need NBD - becuase I really would like to get rid of the NFS-traffic from the



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