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Re: [K12OSN] Thoughts on K12LTSP fading into the sunset

I think Warren is still working for Red Hat, but is busy with other things. Even so, his focus was never K12LTSP per se, but rather getting LTSP 5 to work on RH systems, which he did with Fedora. Getting LTSP 5 to work on Centos 5 was difficult if not impossible because Centos 5 just doesn't have all of the necessary pieces built in.

Gavin, who also works for RH I believe, is trying to pick up where Warren left off. (It would be nice if RH could offer official, paid support for LTSP on RHEL 6, although I realize the business case may just not be there.) Centos 6 will be along soon, although I don't think anyone should be thinking they'll be able to switch to LTSP 5 on Centos 6 over the Christmas break; it just won't be ready. I think planning to make a switch next summer is a more realistic timetable.


Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello All,

Just curious on what people's thoughts are of what appears to be K12LTSP
distro fading into the sunset?. Kid of hate to see the ball dropped.
Maybe I am missing something?...
What ever became of Warren Tagaomi,that was to carry on

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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