[K12OSN] Where is the bottleneck?

Michael Paric mparic at compbizsolutions.com
Thu Jul 29 01:59:53 UTC 2010

I ran into a similar issue a couple years ago when I managed a 60-seat LTSP network at a Continuation High School here in Northern California. Good network infrastructure is critical; most everything worked really well except for multimedia. That's why I moved to DRBL instead of LTSP. If the client machines are good enough to run Firefox and YouTube, why mess with the configuration nightmare of "Local Apps"? DRBL simplifies this by pushing a standardized image to the diskless client, running everything local (NFS for /home sharing and LDAP for authentication). Using a 1500 Series Thin Client from Disklessworkstations.com and DRBL, I can run 360p YouTube videos at full frame rate (not full screen or HD, yet). It's also imperative to have the correct video drivers installed as even the mega-horsepower workstation with a gigabit network is going to exhibit the "fast-flickering" experience with the default drivers. 

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