[K12OSN] Where is the bottleneck?

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> Hello,
> Thank you for all your recommendations in your email.
> > Things to check: versions of Flash and Firefox. Each edition gets
> better
> > and faster.
> That may be part of the issue - because there has been no new release
> of K12Linux, I am stuck running the Firefox and flash versions that
> are available for Fedora 10 (ver 3.0.15) and flash (ver
> 10.1)
If you are daring, you can sequentially update to newer versions of
Fedora. Your version has rolled off the edge i.e. it's not getting
updates anymore but you probably already knew that.

Barring that, F12 still had all the bits and pieces of LTSP in that if
you want to load that up on a spare hard or usb drive.
> > What color depth are you using? 32 bit is overkill and uses vastly
> more
> > resources.
> I went into lts.conf and uncommented X_COLOR_DEPTH=16 as it was
> commented out.  Do you know if there is a way to test that the change
> has actually happened?
Must confess ignorance on that one save going through the xorg files on
the client. If you run the update scripts on the server (especially if
you are using the compressed image), and have rebooted the client, you
should be goo.
> > Make sure that the clients aren't using vesa drivers.
[more snips]
> What screen resolution are you running on the client?
> Resolution is 1680x1050 set automatically.
That's a lot of real estate to pump over the network - just factor that
in when comparing the performance of this box vs. the ones you are
likely to use.
> > Finally, that's way overkill for a core2duo to be the client. It
> could
> > serve 10-20 ?clients on its own. You should be running localapps or
> > drbl.
> You are correct that the machine is way overkill -- I used it for
> testing as a best-case scenario. It's actually a windows machine that
> dual-boots as a client because of its location in the school.  All our
> other clients are Pentium II or Pentium III machines.
In that case, you are using it more optimally than the base case ;-)


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