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Brian Fristensky bfristen at shaw.ca
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Thanks for a speedy reply.

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> Brian,
> 1. Can user John Doe log into the server console itself with no
> probs,firstly? 
Yes. All users can login at the console.

>It appears when you do a manual install of the ltsp
> client you are ending up with a multitude of errors. 
> Are you sure you done the ltsp chroot routine correctly before 
> trying to
> build the ltsp client? From what you explain,it seems you are familiar
> with the chroot thing from previous ltsp installs?

Yes, I have done numerous installs of LTSP over recent years,
and have a written step by step protocol that has worked well
in the past. In essence it is the steps from


followed by

/usr/sbin/ltsp-build-client --arch i386
cd /etc/yum.repos.d

cp -p *.repo /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/yum.repos.d
setarch i386 /usr/sbin/chroot /opt/ltsp/i386
mount /proc -t proc proc

yum update yum

yum update

After yum is complete, exit the chroot by typing 'exit'.

sudo ltsp-update-kernels
sudo ltsp-update-sshkeyssudo ltsp-update-image

This has worked well for some time, with various installs. 

> 2. Did you do an yum update to the server side itself before 
> installingthe ltsp client by chance?

always. see above

> 3. Please post your /etc/hosts file here when you have a chance?    orpheus    # Added by NetworkManager    localhost.localdomain    localhost
::1    orpheus    localhost6.localdomain6    localhost6
#    shawnews.wp.shawcable.net    shawnews    shawmail.wp.shawcable.net    shawmail    antares.cc.umanitoba.ca    antares
.... and many more remote servers

> 4. Did you set static ip addresses on both nics when initially
> installing ltsp ( and have not changed the ip's since)??

I only have one NIC and an ltsp bridge. I shouldn't think that would cause
the problem I've observed, because clearly, the thin client is finding the image and downloading it and booting normally.

> A few things to try and narrow stuff down .

Now we get our hands dirty...

> Barry
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