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Re: [K12OSN] ltsp on MIPS and ARM architecture

Hello Terrell,

Thanks for the suggestion regarding Atom or other ULV processors, but I think this is the easy way out and circumvents what could be a very meaningful development in LTSP.  We can get about 3-4 arm or mips thin clients for the price of one atom based client.  Moreover, I am trying to do this as way to redress the apparent technology gap here in the developing world.  It should be pretty easy to build a thin client image for ARM (particularly as linux already runs on ARM).  I understand that MIPS has some support, but it is not as good as ARM.

Anyway, I was actually hoping to find if anyone knew if there was work under way to get LTSP working on these architectures.  Does anyone else have any ideas?  I suppose I could start by compiling my own, but I would like to see this make it into the standard development chain.


Mathieu Pelletier
Biblical Studies Department
Theological College of Zimbabwe

+263 9 287032/3  Ext: 214

mpelletier tcz co zw

Chat Google Talk: mkpelletier Skype: mathieu.pelletier

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