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Re: [K12OSN] Flash and TC slowness


Thank You for trying to see what the prob might be.
OK. The animation is gone on Google's site today 9/5. This is one of
their one day,,logo alterations they do 'on special days",,that fits in
with the Google logo on their main page.

I mentioned I thought it was flash embedded but in fact I am guessing it
was java enabled somehow as Jeff mentioned here,cause when right
clicking the animation, did not bring up the 'about flash' menu.
It was a very simple 'bucky ball' animation,9/5 was bucky ball
day,whatever that is?,that looked something like a slow spinning

It did in fact bring the two TC's to almost a halt until eventually you
could navigate to even  another  link on Google's main page,that took
you to say Apps,or something different than the actual Google main

FYI. When running top with this page opened up the server load was not
anything out of normal as many times Firefox process shows anywhere from
35% cpu to 90% cpu which is always the case.

I did not have time to do a 'source' of the page to try and see what was
put together,on the page. It sure did hammer the TC's though.
Seems odd that a low powered TC that can run youtube fine, this simple
animation takes it down?

Take Care,

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