[K12OSN] Configuring DevonIT TC-2c

Warren Togami Jr. warren at togami.com
Sat May 28 12:03:19 UTC 2011

On 5/27/2011 6:09 AM, Jeffrey Williams wrote:
> Greetings,
> According to some older (2009?) LTSP posts, the system has difficulty
> auto-detecting the VIA chipset, thus defaulting to the slower VESA
> video driver.  This will not be a problem until we start working with
> Blender some time late this year.  But seeing I don't have students
> yet, I want to get this resolved.
> According to the documentation, I should be able to put XSERVER = via
> into the lts.conf file, but when I do that the terminal hangs for
> hours -- how long, I don't know because I get impatient letting it
> sit more than overnight.
> I also can't seem to find the X log files for the thin client, which
> might help in trouble shooting.

Are you sure it is even possible to use the 3D capability of any VIA 
chipset in Linux?

My knowledge is about a year old, but I've NEVER seen a working Open 
Source VIA driver work with accelerated 3D.

Warren Togami
warren at togami.com

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