[K12OSN] Thin client parts on offer

Gideon Romm ltsp at symbio-technologies.com
Wed Sep 7 16:20:41 UTC 2011

Hello, all.

I know for many of you, September marks the end of summer and
beginning of a new year, and though Spring is usually for cleaning, we
have chosen to make some room now.

So, I have a partial list of odds and ends that may be of interest to
someone on this list. I know many folks here may look for a way to get
a few more thin clients at a reduced price. Consider the prices on
this list a suggested price. We would like to get all this stuff
cleared out by the end of the month, so make us an offer. Prices
obviously don't include shipping and I am hoping they will find a home
in North America (we are in New York), so as not to have to worry
about the various duties associated with selling abroad.

Here is a link to the list:


As always, you all know where to find me. Happy New Year! :)


Gideon Romm
Symbio Technologies | www.symbio-technologies.com
(o) 914.576.1205 | (f) 914.576.0944

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