[K12OSN] img md25um possible

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Wed Feb 29 19:50:31 UTC 2012

Hello All,

Does anyone know if it is possible to run an md5sum on the ltsp img?
I am just grasping for straws,it goes without saying:)

My quandry. Yesterday early morning I installed the python-daemon via
yum on ltsp 5 Centos 6 with SL6.1 as the chroot to get a couple usb
printers to work. 
Afterwards I done the ltsp-update-sshkeys & ltsp-update-image routine. I
rebooted several machines to make certain everything was kosher. They
all rebooted fine.

Late afternoon i was getting some more TC's ready to put onto benches
and now the TC's  would usually stall out at "dracut:starting plymouth
After looking at the server configs till my eyes were getting
crossed...I accidentally found if i continually tapped the escape key as
soon as the SL logo appeared the TC's would boot past this,,but ends up
stalling out at "adding udev persitent rules". 
Also my pxeclient VM on the server does boot but never gets to an actual
login screen. Screen stays black.It hangs bad when trying to shut it
down. It has never done this before,as I tested this lots when setting
this server up initially.
I can see nothing obvious in the messages log.

Also I have noticed that the two VM's I have running in VirtualBox on
this server will not shutdown,cleanly now.VirtualBox hangs bad. It had
never done this before,,as I thrash this pretty good to make sure there
are no hangs after doing a new VM install into VB.
I disabled VirtualBox daemon to eliminate VB being the culprit.
I am wondering if possibly I have bad memory now,,in this new server(as
of three weeks ago)?

A couple people told me there TC's did actually boot up,,I don't know
how.It somewhat acts like when there is an extra dhcp server running on
the subnet but this is not the case here.
I am going to run memtest86 in the morning on the server itself.
Anyone ever run into a corrupt img in ltsp 5?
Sorry for long post.


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