[K12OSN] CentOS or Scientific Linux?

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Tue Jan 3 19:43:11 UTC 2012

Happy New Year to all,
1. I'm somewhat indifferent about SL/Centos. At least, I was a couple of
days ago before migrating a Centos5 box to SL6 (with all of our custom
tweaks, etc.) 

SL isn't really 'late'. They have a pretty well defined alpha beta
release schedule that they appear pretty consistent on. SL 6.2 should be
out in a few weeks pretty much on their regular schedule. I think it's
great that C6.2 is out but it's a single data point. My affection for
CentOS is a bit diminished after (iirc) the 5.6, 6.0 delays. Those
delays were significant enough to span a number of alternative projects
based on TUV.  At this point, I'd rather wait to see if CentOS can
consistently generate new releases on a timely basis.  I don't think
waiting a couple of weeks to accomodate SLs schedule is as big a deal as
the inconsistency CentOS has had the last couple of years. (Not a knock
on anyone's individual efforts. I recognize and appreciate the time and
commitment made by those in each project.)

2. Not a big fan of using Facebook for this purpose. I'm a big proponent
of owning your own information and content. There's a real value in
having searchable archives having looked a lot of old stuff up the last
couple of days.


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> Hey folks,
> Currently K12Linux is based on SL6.1 because CentOS has been very bad
> at 
> keeping up with updates in the past year. But then recently CentOS 
> surprised everyone by releasing 6.2 very rapidly after RHEL 6.2. SL
> 6.2 
> is slightly behind. You folks think we should we keep K12Linux with
> SL, 
> or move to CentOS 6.2?
> https://www.facebook.com/k12linux.org
> BTW, I really hope people can move discussion to the K12Linux
> Facebook 
> group.  I can more easily read and respond to stuff there than this 
> mailing list.
> Warren 

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