[K12OSN] xdmcp on ltsp5

Steve skerr at rx30.com
Fri Mar 16 18:12:43 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I am running a centos 6.2 host with ltsp5 and a jammin 1720 TC. LDM, ssh
and telnet are working fine. I am interested in seeing if i can get
xdmcp working as well.

I have an 4.2 chroot on the same host box that works with a jammin 1220,
using startx and kdm for graphical login. At least it was before the
ltsp5 install, I havent tried it post install.

I verified kdm is listening on 177, iptables off and selinux disabled.
from the xorg log from the TC shell:

FATAL: module fbcon not found
XDMCP fatal error: Session Failed Session 340368001 failed for display
lt01:5: cannot open display.

no other errors or warnings in x log.
It looks like possibly an issue with the intel video driver.
Has anyone else experienced this or maybe have any good suggestions ?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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