[K12OSN] nbd-server on Centos 6.4

Jaap Bril jaap at jbril.net
Fri Aug 2 17:04:56 UTC 2013


I'm having a problem getting ltsp to work with *nbd-server *on *Centos 6.4*.

dhcp (different server) is ok; /pxelinux.0/ as well as /vmlinuz.ltsp/ 
and /initrd.ltsp/ arrive on the client.

*nbd-server* starts and seems ok (expected *client-ipaddress*, 
/image-file/ */opt/ltsp/images/i386.img* and /file-size/ mentioned by 

After that things get hectic (I took quiet off) and eventually go wrong;
The client-screen blanks and nbd-server stops (exit=1).

I think that the image is ok; I ran *ltsp-build-client* yesterday and 
*ltsp-update-image* today.

How can I definitively *check* that the image is ok?
Can I *pause* the client to get time to read the text?

Any other suggestions?

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