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Re: [K12OSN] Few observations with ltsp-server 5.9 | Where I can find old ltsp-server 5.1 repository


I believe all of the "old" K12Linux repos mirrors are out of commission.
I still have a couple servers that are running the 5.1 ltsp server

Something to consider in your situation/problem. Are you running a gigE
lan with a gigE lan nic in your server? This is pretty much a must at
this stage of ltsp. We used to  run only 100mb lan/switches back in the
day of 2.4 kernel ltsp and worked fine.For whatever behind the scenes
stuff thrown into the kernel these days,a gigE backbone is a must. 

For kicks i run one client in a test bed on an old 10 base-t HUB. You
wouldn't believe how long it took the one client to boot up!

If you do not have a gigE switched lan you should at least get this
up,and quite possibly your pentium machines will have enough "feed
speed" to work reliably.

BTW. The first versions of k12ltsp we used several 'dumpster' 486
machines and they did work quite well for that day and age :)

Take Care,

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