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Re: Webserver - Redhat/base images not found

Looks like I am running into something similar to this.
I am running U6 of Redhat Advanced Server 3.0 for x86_64.
Has anyone experienced this before on U6? Any pointers/help will be greatly appreciated.


Brian Long wrote:
On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 12:17 +0530, Prasanna Ponnada wrote:

Please find an extract from our webserver log below:

2005/12/09 06:23:13 200
26261 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/ks.cfg HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:23:14 200
158 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/isolinux/vmlinuz HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:23:20 200
158 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/isolinux/initrd.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:16 404
78 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/RedHat/base/updates.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:17 404
78 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/disc1/RedHat/base/updates.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:18 200
158 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/RedHat/base/product.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:27 404
78 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/disc1/RedHat/base/product.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:28 200

This is just Anaconda searching for product.img which might contain
updates.  It's normal for it to not exist  :)

 159 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/RedHat/base/netstg2.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:26:36 404
78 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/disc1/RedHat/base/netstg2.img HTTP/1.1

The other interesting thing is that although I see a HTTP 404 for
files like updates.img, the installer does not complain about it and
However, when it fails to find netstg2.img, it pops up a window on the
screen complaining that netstg2.img cannot be found in a given
directory although the file exists there.

netstg2.img is required by Anaconda, so that's why it pops up a window
asking about it.

Do I need to run genhdlist or pkgorder once I copy the contents of the
CD into the webserver's directory? 

Nope.  Can you "wget" the same path from an existing machine?

I thought genhdlist talks only about rpms and not about updates or
Did anyone run into issues like the above? Any pointers would be
greatly appreciated.

I have not seen this in my experience with HTTP installs.



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