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RE: Kickstart from eth1 (eth0 socket bad)

At Tue, 27 Dec 2005 it looks like Elizabeth Brosch thomson com composed:

I was having a problem initially with Kickstart.  I had eth0 hardcoded
in my ks.cfg file and also in the pxelinux config file.  But every time
I attempted my install I would get stopped at the screen for the host

I had multiple NICs and this caused some confusion.  What I considered
eth0 was actually eth3.  PXE worked just find but Anaconda seen my eth0
as eth3!  I found this out by booting from CD and using linux rescue.
You can search the archives for my email thread regarding this:

October 2005 archives
Subject is:  Kicstart fails

Ahh, I had not thought of the "prelinux" config file.

I was not the admin who came in to setup this multi os, multi
partition profile, multi package profile system.  I will dig for
that file and see if I can do a "one-off" install with the orig
file saved and edits done to the "prelinux" conf file.

Thank You Liz.


Liz Brosch
TSH System Services
Philadelphia, PA  19104
office:  (215) 386-0100 x1144
cell:     (267) 784-9166

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