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Re: bootable CD or diskette for FC3, how can i do it?

On Sat, 29 Oct 2005, kenneth graham wrote:

>1. could you explaind to me STEP by STEP how can i do a good bootable CD and
>be able to do a kickstart installation using a http server to take the
>packages and/or the ks.cfg file ? (i have tried it twice, but still not
>working, i thing i am missing something :) )

What did you try? What happened? What error messages did anaconda
display (check Alt+F2, Alt+F3 etc. virtual consoles)

>2. do i need to copy the 3 CDs of FC3 in the http server?

(4 CDs.) Yes. In theory, if you don't specify any packages from, say,
CD2 then nothing will complain that those RPMs are missing. The README
file in the base of the Fedora tree explains how to copy the CDs over
one another.

>3. I hace the DHCP server installed , do i really need it?

Not if you specify static IP addresses everywhere.

>4. is it possible to do the kickstart installation with a diskette? if yes,

It's possible to put the kickstart file on a floppy, but you can't boot
from one as the install images have grown too large in recent releases.

An alternative I'd recommend looking into if you'll be doing a lot of
installs is network booting, where all the configuration can live on the
server and there's no need to create custom floppies or CDs per host or
per subnet.


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