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drac ilo install via virtual cdrom


I am trying to perform a kickstart install of RHEL4U4 exclusively
via the drac (Dell Remote Access Card) interface onto a PE 2950
without utilizing the systems other embedded nics.  I am building
an iso (not burning) and using the PE2950 drac to mount it as a
virtual cdrom.  Anaconda loads the ks.cfg from the initrd.img via
virtual cdrom on a PE 2950 using this syntax in isolinux.cfg:

default kickstart
prompt 1
timeout 10
display snake.msg
F1 boot.msg
label kickstart
  kernel vmlinuz
  append initrd=initrd.img ramdisk_size=8192 ks=file:/ks.cfg

I used Greg Morgan's and Jason Dixon's help here (near bottom):

Then I run into some errors.  Anaconda either
doesn't load a driver to access the virtual cdrom (I disabled the
physical cdrom to attempt to trick anaconda into thinking that the
virtual cdrom was the first cdrom it finds - in vain) or is not
coded to be able to see /dev/scd0 as a valid cdrom device.  I am
not presented with a virtual tty with a shell where I can verify
that dmesg identifies the virtual cdrom and assigns a device name.

I see that netstg2.img contains 
        "USB Mass Storage driver for Linux"

Should I use the driverdisk option?

Am I insane for trying this?

Is the module for the virtual cdrom included in the default anaconda
initrd.img?  Does anybody know which driver that is, so I can include

Is it possible to pack the RPMs I want into the initrd.img ramdisk
and make them available to anaconda as a mounted filesystem (similar
to specifying a local /dev/sda or /dev/hda disc)?  Is there a size
limit on the initrd.img?  Would this required I hack the loader
code, so as to make an option - "install ramfs" (instead of "install
cdrom ")?

Thank you in advance.


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