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How to restrict package installation to x86_64

Not sure if this is a kickstart, anaconda or yum question, so please slap and redirect me if this is the wrong forum.

Our server environment is all x86_64 architecture CentOS 5.1, and thus far, new kickstarts have had only a few i386 arch RPMs installed. However, now that the nss_ldap package is included in the ks.cfg file, it is installed in both x86_64 and i386 architectures. The i386 version brings a bevy of other supporting packages with it. I wouldn't care that much, except that we have a repo of customized packages, all x86_64, and don't build for the i386 architecture; however, one of the supporting packages that we've upgraded in our custom repo, openldap, breaks the install because the original CentOS openldap package of an earlier version has file conflicts with our newer version.

In kickstart, is there a simple way to restrict package installs to x86_64 architecture only? Or is there a different, 'correct' way to go? The other solutions I've considered, such as rebuilding our repo for i386 or removing all i386 packages from the vendor repos, seem hackish and inconvenient.



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