[Libguestfs] Trying to get started with virt-p2v

Greg Scott GregScott at Infrasupport.com
Thu Jun 23 15:10:38 UTC 2011

I need to p2v migrate a Windows server and I am soooo confused!

By now, I've done a few virt-v2v migrations, so I get how that works.  I
attended Richard and Matthew's Red Hat Summit talk about virt-p2v and
just now downloaded the handouts.  

If I understand what's going on, virt-p2v is pretty much the same as
virt-v2v, except that the physical system to migrate from needs to boot
from a live CD, so that virt-v2v can connect to it.  OK, makes sense.  

How do I get my hands on an ISO of this live CD?

Matthew's handout points to a new RPM called virt-p2v-image-builder.  I
see there's a Fedora 15 flavor of this RPM - but it has a bunch of
dependencies.  So I built up a Fedora 15 VM running as a guest on a RHEL
6.1 system.  From inside my Fedora 15 VM, I do yum install
virt-v2v-image-builder. This installs cleanly and takes care of

Great, so now what?

I found a script - /usr/bin/virt-v2v-image-builder and ran it (but first
must chmod 755 to make it work).  This ran for a while and sat there
like a bump on a log.  After a while, I tried ctrl/C but nothing
happened.  So I did CTRL/Z and then kill -9 all the subprocesses it
created.  I tried again, doing sh -v ./virt-v2v-image-builder this time
so I could get a feel for what was happening.  It ran through a bunch of
code and eventually blew up with an error, "Failed to find package -
'Rubygenm-virt-p2v'". What in the world does this mean?

OK, clearly I don't know what I'm doing.  

man virt-p2v doesn't exist.

But I found some online documentation here:

This mentions a pre-built ISO on Richard's site, but following the link,
I see a warning that it's all being re-written.  And the link to the ISO
doesn't work.  There's another link on Richard's site that says all the
download info I need is in the handouts from Matthew's talk.  

But I went through Richard's talk and am having serious trouble trying
to figure out how to use virt-v2v-image-builder.  I'm not seeing any man
pages for it and haven't found a writeup on how to use it.  

But why go to the trouble to build a unique live CD?  Maybe there's a
new pre-built ISO available someplace?

I would definitely appreciate any guidance.


- Greg Scott

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