[Libguestfs] febootstrap 3.x use cases.

Carwyn Edwards carwyn at carwyn.com
Tue Apr 3 13:41:36 UTC 2012

>> What I'm after is something akin to a Solaris sparse Zone.

> At one point I was going to write a virtio 9p extension to qemu to do
> this.

This sounds interesting, could you elaborate a little? 9p? We're using
a lot of KVM and libguest FS here besides this web hosting

> Supermin appliances give you a disk image (or cpio file, if you
> prefer).  They don't give you a host filesystem, so they're probably
> not going to be much use for LXC, without a great deal of hacking.

I think the penny is dropping. What febootstrap is doing internally is
similar to what I'm after but it's output is different. Obvious in
hindsight :)

I think I'll take this element to the LXC lists now. Many thanks.


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